Hello there (General Kenobi - sorry for the Star Wars reference interruption, your photographer is a huge nerd), I'm Kamilė Martinkutė - a portrait and lifestyle photographer, your visual storyteller.

Photography has captured my attention ever since the first time I got my hands on a camera and as you can tell, I have not parted with it since then. Because of my love for photography, many people thought this would be my chosen path to higher education, but my interest towards sciences must have left them so disappointed. The more you know - mathematics and photography are easily compatible spheres, even though they are incredibly different. But only my passion for photography could drag me out of bed and motivate me to do something with my life during my worst times.

Over the years I've had plenty of time to find my visual identity and style. Over time I've become more and more attached to minimalism with some elements of fashion and streetstyle photography.

I'm happy that new ideas keep coming up, especially for people who want to realize their own. So I have no doubt that we will come up with something!
Let's start your visual journey together!
Thank you! I will contact you in the upcoming days! :)
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